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You know you are good at what you do, but why aren't you closing on those contracts... Are You Nailing Your Consultations? No? What's Up With That? You know you are great at what you do. In fact, you are amazing at what you do. So why aren't you closing on those consultations? When you are in consultation mode there are a few mistakes that we can sometimes make. We get really excited and talk more about us being awesome planners You have to remember that this potential client may have just got engaged and they are really excited about this moment. You talking about yourself and your business is stealing the show. Lack of Confidence! Sounding unsure and super nervous during the consultation may leave your client feeling unsure of what you are capable of doing. Be cool! I know it sounds corny, but even if you are brand new, you have to sound like you have done this a thousand times...with your eyes closed Not Follow Up This was one of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started as a planner. I was nervous about looking like I was harassing a potential client. The reality is they were probably doing some shopping. Send a follow-up to remind them of how amazing you are. If you are a new planner, it can absolutely be nerve-racking when the calls start coming in. Not every client that comes your way is going to be your dream client. To help make a good decision prior to getting into all the details of the celebration check out my freebie "10 Questions To Ask During The Consultation" Grab Your Freebie Here Now that you know what you should do prior to the consultation, Checkout my " 5 Things To Remember During The Consultation Video. If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, click here