Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Kris Lavender Really Have Atlanta's Best Wedding Planners?
  • What is the Difference between a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Designers?
  • Do I Really Need A Planner?
  • How much does a Typical Wedding Planner Cost?
  • As a Wedding Planner, How Can I Be Sure That You Will Listen To My Ideas?
  • Do You Work with An Assistant on The Wedding Day?
  • The Venue Already Has a Coordinator, Why Do I Still Need A Wedding Planner?
  • How Involved Will You Be on The Day of My Wedding?
  • Can You Come with Me to Vendor Meetings?
  • How Much Will You Be Involved in The Planning Process?
  • Will a Wedding Management Package “Day of” Wedding Coordinator Be Enough?
  • How Can I Get My Family and Friends to Stop Trying to Plan My Wedding?
  • What is your billing policy and when are payments due?
  • Other than Weddings what Events do you Plan?

At Kris Lavender we firmly believe in ensuring that all our engaged couples experience the Kris Lavender Experience. We absolutely believe in creating a dream wedding experience that pairs well with our ability to produce fun, organized, and well executed Wedding & Events. It's our pleasure in creating lasting memories for both our couples and guest. But don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire and Google & see what our brides, grooms have to say about us!

We have discovered throughout the years that many brides and grooms misunderstand the wedding industry roles and responsibility.

A wedding planner is a professional who plans the wedding alongside the bride, coordinates the vendor team, helps select a floral designer, other vendor and often partners with them in the wedding design, maps out the budget and timeline and coordinates the entire wedding day and very often the weekend events surrounding the wedding.

A wedding coordinator is typically a professional who coordinates the logistics of the wedding day. Those using this title are typically “day of” coordinators, with the extent of their role limited to implementing what the bride has specified. They usually do not help plan the wedding day, although they can be very valuable in problem solving on the wedding day.

Wedding designers usually focus on the décor of the event, with all other details being secondary to them. More times than not, these wedding professionals have a floral or decorating background.

Planning a wedding can become tedious but a wedding professional can make this much easier. Having a Full Wedding Planning team is absolutely a luxury, but so is having a Kris Lavender team providing you with well executed wedding! I'm sure you don't want to be the Bridezilla commanding orders at the sweetheart table?

Our Planners and Coordinators are there to help you enjoy your most important day! Your friends and family don't want to “work” the day of your wedding. They would love to enjoy you…& the drinks! There are so many details often overlooked by couples planning a wedding on their own, especially when it comes to knowing a good deal for cost savings. What couples sometime fail to realize is that a wedding planner typically saves them more money in the long run.

Wedding Planning Packages are very hard to compare in the Atlanta market. It’s not always an apples to apples comparison. At Kris Lavender, we typically focus on the experience for each of our couples.

Packages cost typically range based on the difficulty level and how many moving parts are required. Our most requested package the Full Planning package typically cost ranges from $2,950.00 - $4,000.00. At the Partial & Custom Planning level, it ranges from $1,950.00 - $2,450.00.

At Kris Lavender, we also typically have more than one highly skilled and Certified Associate Planner on our Team that can provide services. We have an excellent Team and a Team approach is what is key to our success!

We keep your goals and vision as our #1 priority. With Kris Lavender as your experts in the wedding industry field, we never lose focus that you are the only expert on knowing your dream wedding. We want to make your vision a reality while taking into account all your needs. At Kris Lavender, we fully understand our role as a coach and guidance team. All decisions are made by you with our expertise to ease the planning process and cost saving.

Yes, all of our weddings over 75 guests typically has an assistant along with the lead wedding coordinator.

The Venue Already Has a Coordinator, Why Do I Still Need A Wedding Planner?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the wedding industry! Your Venue Coordinator has a job to do.

The Venue Coordinator’s main objective is to:

  • Make sure you & your guests don't burn down the building
  • Make sure the contract obligations like: Heat, Air, & Facilities are taken care of, and Food & Beverage services are progressing smoothly
  • Keep you within the terms and conditions of your contract
  • Make sure you & your guests are out the building on time

Your Venue Coordinator Certainly will NOT:

  • Plan Your Wedding
  • Design A Custom Wedding Floorplan
  • Customize a Wedding Day Itinerary
  • Provide Wedding guidance and advice throughout the planning process
  • Attend your vendor appointments, and negotiate your contracts
  • Management of Vendors and facilitate a well executed timeline
  • Return your Wedding Cake Stand after the wedding
  • Be the point of reference for you, photographer, DJ, baker and all of your other vendors

From Beginning to End. That is the key to the Kris Lavender Experience. It starts before the wedding day with rehearsal all the way to the end of your wedding day reception. We coordinate the rehearsal so that everyone is on the same page and there is little to no hiccups on your wedding day. We ensure that vendors arrive and set up on time, execution of the ceremony, and adhere to the timeline of events and vendors during the reception and supervise the cleanup afterwards.

Yes. We set up vendor meetings and are more than happy to attend! We consistently work with Atlanta's best vendors and surrounding areas. Networking with vendors is an important part of our job, and we have a growing list of photographers, caterers, bakeries, makeup artists and more to fit your personality, budget and style. With our partial and full planning wedding packages, we attend many of the vendor meetings and assist with the negotiation of all contracts. A significant benefit of hiring a Certified Wedding Planner is our knowledge of mandatory requirements vendor services and contracts should include. At Kris Lavender we are relationship based and look forward to strengthening our relationship with our clients and local vendors. These are services included in our partial planning, full planning, and design wedding packages.

This is all dependent on you and the level of service you select. Our experience is based on how actively involved our couples want to be in the planning process.

Our most requested service is our full planning package which is ideal for the bride and couple who wants wedding planning service from start to finish. This package is ideal for couples that want to enjoy all the fun aspect of planning your stylish and publish worthy wedding while avoiding the stress and anxiety that comes along the way. This package is also ideal for the couple that has absolutely no idea where to start or just simply too busy with the fablousness of life and needs one of Atlanta's best wedding planner experts to take lead.

For some weddings, a “day of” coordinator is exactly what is needed which is our Wedding Management Package. Day of coordinators arrive on the day of your wedding to implement your plans. In our experience, this type of package works only when the bride is extremely organized and has an eye for detail and time for planning.

At Kris Lavender, our Wedding Management package starts one month before the wedding. We do this to ensure your wedding is properly coordinated with your vendors and establishing a coordinated plan prior to your wedding day.

The moment a bride announces her engagement most of the bride’s family and friends want to plan the wedding. Our best advice to a bride in this situation is to thank everyone for all of their ideas and let them know that all ideas are great and will be considered for the final decision. At Kris Lavender, we are advocates for the bride and help deal with overreaching family members and often find ourselves providing couples advice with family challenges.

We accept cash, check or credit card payments. All contracts include specific individual payment plans. A 25% retainer fee is due upon booking with a signed contract. The second installment of 25% is due two months after initial deposit. The remaining balance is due 14 days before your wedding day.

We provide services for corporate events, bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, holiday dinners, baby showers, engagement parties, and more.