Tips to Motivate and accelerate you to achieve your goals

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Blog by Kris Lavender wedding planner

Isn't there something exhilarating at the beginning of the year when you get to start anew and set fresh goals for yourself? You have your new water bottle that lights up when you need to hydrate, cute running shoes and athletic gear to match. Or maybe you are going to finally start writing that book you have racing through your mind. Awesome, but what happens if you are not making the progress you thought you would after the first quarter of the year. That's when you have to dig in deep so that you are still psyched about achieving your goals.

Here are a few tips that will help you get back in the game of smashing your 2020 goals!

  1. Change how you speak and think about yourself. Something as simple as the way you speak about and to yourself is very empowering. When asked what I do for a living ( I hate this question), in the past my response was that I was a wedding planner. Now my response is " I am the owner of Kris Lavender, a wedding planning and design company. I am also a mentor and a motivational speaker, and a wife and mother and I save the world on Tuesday's and Friday's!

How do you perceive yourself?

  1. Feed your mind with goodness. What are you listening to and reading? Who are you surrounded by?
    Now that you see yourself in this new positive light (Oooohhh), you have to maintain it! Make sure that you are reading and listening to things that will help keep you in that motivated creative space. This also concerns the individuals that surround you. If you are trying to eat healthier, you don't want people asking you weird questions like "aren't you going to be hungry after eating just that"...yes Carol I am, but I am trying to be snatched by March...
    1. Feed your body with goodness. Feeding your body with healthy foods and oxygen aka exercise can help get those creative juices flowing again. Like for real. I cannot tell you how great I feel when I have a busy week and I sneak away and go for a long walk or jog. I am not the most athletic, so when I can pump out 2 to 3 miles I feel so accomplished and I am reminded that I am tough enough to get past that crazy client that insists that we talk about the difference between the color blush and light pink for an hour. This is a time where it is acceptable to talk to your self. Work those problems out and come back to the table energized!
    2. Punk your fears! Try something new to show yourself that you can get through new challenges. Speak to your fear the same way it speaks to you, but louder and more aggressively. Sure people in the same room will think you are crazy, but who cares!! You are in a much better space than you were 5 minutes ago and ready to tackle your goals head-on.
    3. Get used to failing. Unfortunately setting goals doesn't mean you always know how to achieve them at first attempt. Sometimes you have to try and try...and try again. If one way of accomplishing a goal doesn't work, don't give up! Try again, but in a different way or at a different time. Whatever you do, Don't give up. If its worth it, keep at it. I truly believe that on the way to accomplishing your goals there are so many amazing things that you will learn about yourself! With this new knowledge of yourself, you are now able to approach bigger and better goals for yourself!

Walk Extra Mile Its Never Crowded

Understand that achieving your goals is going to take practice.
Building new habits for yourself is going to take practice.
Living a bold life takes practice.
Eating healthy takes practice
Developing time for spiritual devotion takes practice.
Being a good friend takes practice.
Being a CEO takes practice.
Only eating a handful of hot Cheetos takes practice