Why Being Your Own Wedding Planner Is A Bad Idea

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Blog by Kris Lavender wedding planner

With tons of “how to execute the perfect wedding” guides and other wedding planning information available on the internet, taking up the responsibilities of a wedding planner doesn’t seem too difficult, does it?

Unfortunately, most do-it-yourself weddings end up in disaster as so much thought and effort goes into the planning that by the time the day finally arrives, you’re completely spent both physically and mentally. 

A wedding is usually a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and when it comes to wedding planning and execution of a DIY wedding, all too often, essential bits are left out. These missing components take away much of the sheen of such a significant event in your life, several of which you cannot recreate. 

As a leading Atlanta wedding planning and event planning company, at Kris Lavender, we want to ensure that you have the wedding you dream about without the stress of having to plan it yourself. Some things are best left to professionals and to showcase why weddings are not a DIY hack, we’ve explained three reasons why being your own wedding planner is a bad idea.

1. You could spend more than necessary.

Weddings are an expensive affair as it is, so you want to make sure you don’t overspend wherever possible. Unfortunately, couples almost always end up paying more for vendors as they do not know where to negotiate, or the actual prices charged for a big occasion like a wedding. On the other hand, wedding planners regularly arrange requirements for wedding receptions and have good connections with vendors. They can leverage these networks for better prices, which may reduce your costs and save you more than you could on your own. 

2. You may need to take more than a few days off from work.

If you haven’t chosen a wedding venue, you’ll need to spend more than a couple of weekends to find the ideal destination. The same goes for your catering, band, and decoration. To arrange for all of these requirements, you’ll need to take time off of work to get every detail thoroughly researched and booked. This could force you to cut your honeymoon short or delay your wedding date.

3. You could end up forgetting essential elements for your wedding.

While you’re planning the larger aspects of your wedding, it’s easy to forget the small but crucial elements like booking the cake or the church, buying your wedding shoes or wedding rings. This can stress you out when you’re pressed for time and overburdened with tasks, eventually leading to the disaster you hoped to avoid.

Do things right - Hire a professional!

Before your wedding, there are many things you can handle yourself, but it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to the experts. At Kris Lavender, we’re well connected with numerous vendors that can efficiently handle your requirements. Moreover, our regular interactions with them entitle us to better pricing and features which we can transfer to you.

As certified wedding planners, we are great at managing time constraints, we go the extra mile for your specific needs, and excel in wedding day management. Our organizing skills have been perfected over the years, but we still remain flexible to incorporate new wedding trends into our client’s occasions. Being flexible also enables us to troubleshoot on-the-spot problems with ease.

Our prices typically begin at $1,000 for wedding day management. But, within this price range, we manage the entire day, timelines, vendors, and set up so you can relax and enjoy the bliss of your new beginning.

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