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Nate & Jennifer
Barn Door Wedding Garden Wedding Piedmont Park Atlanta Wedding Planning
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Nate & Jennifer Says...

Needless to say, Kris came through on the day of our wedding. The decorations and design were absolutely beautiful and we were quite impressed with how she captured our vision for our special day. Her chipper personality was also quite refreshing and she was really fun to work with....

Kris Lavender Says...

Thank you Jennifer and Nate for the kind words! I am so glad we were able to capture your wedding day perfectly....

Ronald & Aprial
Bride Walking to Ceremony Traditional Wedding Ceremony Sand Ceremony
Flowers Decorations Wedding Belles Bridesmaids Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses
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Aprial and Ronald says...

"Kris was an AMAZING wedding planner! From start to finish, she was extremely organized and stayed on top of all tasks I threw her way! She was like a big sister helping me through the stress of weddding planning and she made sure our wedding was beautiful! I will miss our daily conversations now that my husband and I are married! Can't wait to have her plan a baby shower for us in the future!!!"

Kris Lavender says....

"OMGoodness!!! I cannot express to you how fun this couple is. This was truly a day to celebrate their love. Both couples were so eager to see each other on their big day. We almost started the wedding late because Aprial could not stop her tears of happiness. I went to let Ronald in on the possible tardiness and he sent a message to Aprial of "Get it together" as he himself had tears in his eyes. Tissue anyone?"

Shakira & Michael
Lakeview Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Send Off Outdoor Wedding
Bride Swing Chair Lakefront View Wedding Wedding First Dance Song
Gold Candelabra Reception Sweetheart Table Gold Candle Cake Table

Shakira & Michael says....

"I got married July 14, 2018 and Kris was my wedding planner! I met her at the Bridal Expo here in Georgia! She was not only my planner but she is now a good friend! She was very knowledgeable about the entire wedding process and was so helpful. She was always able to answer my questions and she was very accessible. I was going to plan my wedding myself but quickly found out that I could not do it on my own. I am a very laid back bride so I let Kris choose most of the decor and I went with her suggestions! Everything came out beautifully and I really appreciate all her hard work! She is also very affordable!"

Kris Lavender says....

"Shakira and Michael are amazingly sweet. One of my favorite moments of the couple happened during rehearsal practice. The Bridal party had some difficulty coming to rehearsal on time, due to Atlanta traffic. Emotions were running a little high and you could see the frustration on Shakira's face...Michael walks in and instantly Skaira puts on this amazing smile! Thats when you know the love is real..."

Tsitsi & Michael
Bridal Party Bride and Groom Wedding Ring Ceremony
Sand Ceremony Garden Bridesmaids Flowers Night Wedding Toss
Draping Villa Cristina Reception Gold Candle Reception Decorations Throne Chair Atlanta

Tsitsi & Michael says....

"We met Kris at the Atlanta Bridal show in February and really enjoyed talking with her and admiring her booth set up. At our first official meeting, Kris and I really hit off. We had so much in common....highly organized, inspired trust and confidence, follow through on action items, very professional and yet so much fun! We hired her to be our Day of Wedding Coordinator - Best decision ever! She went above and beyond helping me along the way, make sure our plan was on track. She is the ultimate "Bride Whisperer", many times I would have ideas in my mind and before I could find the right words to describe them she already understood. Needless to say our big day was huge success. I was very happy with Kris' decor & design, project management and her professional yet fun conduct. Great Execution!!! I would hire Kris again and highly recommend her!"

Kris Lavender says...

"What I loved about planning this wedding is how the couple truly made us feel like family. I remember Tsitsi and I set up a time to meet one Saturday. She called me before our meeting and asked if we could meet at the location she provided. It turned out to be the location of her and Michael's family reunion! We did get some planning work done, but it was outside in beautiful weather, great tunes in the background and lots of laughter!"

Sarah & Galen
Villa Cristina Wedding Photography Event Photography Atlanta Wedding Vows Ceremony
Military Wedding Ideas First Song Photography Party Planner Atlanta

Sarah & Galen says....

"I met Kris at the Bridal Show just a few months before my wedding. I instantly had a connection with her when she told me I had a tomorrow wedding. I loved the way her booth was set up as well! A few days after the show I gave her a call. I hired her to be my day of coordinator but she was so much more than that! Kris was able to turn every Pinterest idea into reality. Her team was professional, fun and productive. I would recommend Kris Lavender to anyone needing a wedding planner and/or day of coordinator."

Kris Lavender says...

"Sarah and Galen are a couple that we often reminisce about. You could easily feel the love that the couple had for each other and the love their family had for them. Their family was so eager to make sure everything was perfect for the couple on their bid day! Including having all the right dance moves when it came time to boogie. We found ourselves on the dance floor more than we planned! Who can say no to a great party that is surrounded by people celebrating love?"

Ashley & Henry
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Jessica & Kent
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