What is the Difference between a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Designers?

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We have discovered throughout the years that many brides and grooms misunderstand the wedding industry roles and responsibility.

A wedding planner is a professional who plans the wedding alongside the bride, coordinates the vendor team, helps select a floral designer, other vendor and often partners with them in the wedding design, maps out the budget and timeline and coordinates the entire wedding day and very often the weekend events surrounding the wedding.

A wedding coordinator is typically a professional who coordinates the logistics of the wedding day. Those using this title are typically “day of” coordinators, with the extent of their role limited to implementing what the bride has specified. They usually do not help plan the wedding day, although they can be very valuable in problem solving on the wedding day.

Wedding designers usually focus on the décor of the event, with all other details being secondary to them. More times than not, these wedding professionals have a floral or decorating background.